The Paradise Pack 72 Hour Sale includes House Sitting World – very exciting!

Isn’t it crazy how when you do something you love, everything just falls into place…

In November 2013, we signed up for HARO and started responding to requests for articles or interviews about travel in order to bring more awareness to International House Sitting for both travelers and home owners.  Jason Moore from Zero to Travel, a very popular travel podcast, replied with interest about our lifestyle and interviewed us to learn how others (and himself of course) could get started International House Sitting.

We had an absolute ball talking with Jason from our house sit in Cuenca, Ecuador and the podcast episode ended up creeping up the iTunes ‘most downloaded’ list to number 17 in early April (soooo cool!).

From there, our Facebook community of house sitters, budding house sitters, home owners & digital nomads has grown exponentially!  And Jason has become a great friend plus an amazing resource for us to have more opportunities to talk about what we love the most – House Sitting!

In fact he sent us another HARO request for an interview with Taylor White, podcaster of the International Real Estate, IRELpodcast fame.  That interview was great and will be live at the end of May.

But here is the biggest news of all…

Jason & his business partner Travis Sherry from ‘Extra Pack of Peanuts‘ have created The Paradise Pack – a 72 hour bundle sale for some absolutely amazing travel & digital nomad products.  The Pack of invaluable goodies is valued at over $780 and for just 72 hours, will be sold for a measly $97!

Paradise Pack Suitcase Banner


For 3 days only from June 3rd, passionate travelers can pick up this awesome pack that includes:

  • Benny Lewis – Speak From Day 1 ($97)
  • Cody McKibben – Digital Nomad Academy (3 months free $141 value)
  • Natalie Sisson – Build Your Online Business ($47)
  • Derek Johanson – Copy Hour Course ($139)
  • Nora Dunn – How to Get Free Accommodation Around the World (19.99)
  • Travis Sherry – Ultimate Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles ($79)
  • Rob and Mish – Airbnb Pro ($30)
  • Ethan Waldman – Inbox Zero Email Management Course  ($77)
  • Jason Moore- Breaking Into Event Marketing Touring: Travel the Road Like a Rock Star Course ($47)
  • Claire Brummell – ‘Traveling Together’– how to avoid relationship strains of 24/7 living in new and adventurous environments ($47)
  • Nat & Jodie – How to Have a Kick Ass House Sitting Profile Course + 12 months subscription to ‘House Sitting World’ mobile magazine ($57)










We are really excited about this promotion and will be letting everyone know about it (obviously)…

Be sure to let us know if you are keen to grab your own copy of The Paradise Pack and we’ll make sure you are reminded of when the sale opens up!