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OH NO… I broke something!

Over the weekend I had one of those horrid experiences of breaking something that is not mine. We are coming to the end of our one month assignment in upstate New York for a lovely couple we met while house sitting in Costa Rica, and it is their first time for using house sitters! They…

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No Residency Anywhere

A number of people in our Facebook group have been questioning whether it’s true that we have no residency anywhere.  In fact one member even asked “are you really no longer an Australia resident or do you just ‘say’ you are an earth citizen like I do?” Well let us tell you how we came…

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PRESS RELEASE: New Mobile Magazine Reveals How Volunteer House Sitters Save Pet Owners Tons of Money

A brand new mobile magazine, now available on iTunes, packed full of ideas and advice for home and pet owners, as well as caring travel enthusiasts, aligns perfectly with a fast growing trend for unique international lifestyle experiences.   House Sitting World magazine acknowledges that pets are now considered to be as important as children…

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Breckenridge Boomerang

Our 2 month house sit in Breckenridge, Colorado had a rather interesting start, but an even more interesting end… In October 2013, we applied for the assignment through Trusted House Sitters.  The owner, Noreen, responded positively and said we should hook up a skype interview as soon as she was finished with moving from Delhi,…

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Paradise Pack Suitcase Banner

PRESS RELEASE: Being Able To Travel Around The World Continuously Is No Longer Just A Pipedream

For those who LOVE TRAVEL and those who would love to be travelling around the world as a location independent digital nomad, there is a 3 day sale starting June 3rd full of products that show exactly how to start the journey. Podcasters Travis Sherry from Extra Pack of Peanuts and Jason Moore from Zero…

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The Paradise Pack 72 Hour Sale includes House Sitting World – very exciting!

Isn’t it crazy how when you do something you love, everything just falls into place… In November 2013, we signed up for HARO and started responding to requests for articles or interviews about travel in order to bring more awareness to International House Sitting for both travelers and home owners.  Jason Moore from Zero to…

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Spam, Scams and the Search for Income Freedom

In response to a survey thread I started in our ‘House Sitting World’ Facebook Group, I had a lot to say, way too much for just one comment box, so I thought I’d share my random thoughts in this blog post.  So here is the full version ‘Soapbox Rant’  from the crazy mind of Jodie…

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Nat n Jodie

Our First Anniversary of Full Time International House Sitting!

Woo Hoo!!  We celebrated 12 full months of being residents of nowhere with a wonderful dinner overlooking the Pacific Ocean from high on the hill in Ojochal, Costa Rica.  Transportation to the restaurant… Quad Bike! Yes it was on this day 12 months ago that we started our first of continuous international house sitting assignments…

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Live Q & A including a new tip on How to Make Money Traveling

In this live recording we chat to a couple of budding International House Sitters and answer their questions about full time travel. We also share what we’ve discovered about Google’s latest service Helpouts! If you would like to know more about Helpouts as a way to make money traveling, be sure to connect with us…

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Promo Video - Modern nomads

Do You have a Location Independent Income (or would like one)?

If you have been following our journey you will know that we are very aware of the many opportunities to create a location independent income – how else would we be traveling the world with no residency, no home base – just complete freedom to live life on our terms! Fortunately we know some really…

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